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    Managed Virus Protection

    Managed Virus Protection
    Virus protection that is fully managed with no user interaction. Security specialists work around the clock to ensure PC protection.

    Spyware Protection and Popup Blocker

    Spyware Protection and Popup Blocker
    SecureIT Services detects and protects from a large variety of spyware types. Combined with the fully customizable popup blocker this saves both time and bandwidth.

    Personal Firewall

    Personal Firewall
    The personal firewall provides protection from hackers and intrusions. Running in the background the firewall protects PCs with no user interaction.

    Parental Controls

    Parental Controls and Content Filtering
    Available in SecureIT Plus, parental controls contain a robust set of options to block webpages, allow time spent on PC, tracks pages visited and much more!

    Reporting and Secure Customer Center

    Reporting and Secure Customer Center
    A monthly report is sent to SecureIT Live and Plus users. These reports show a real-time view of SecureIT online defense statistics.

    Disk Maintenance

    System and Disk Maintenance
    SecureIT Plus integrates disk cleanup and maintenance into the software to keep PCs running smoothly and detect common disk problems.

    All of this is included in the price of SecureIT Services and is kept up-to-date automatically -- you'll never have to worry about Internet security again.
    $5.00 Installation
    $5.95 Per Month